What it does

Stores document properties.

Name Type Access Description
Priority int Read/write The priority of the document
Barcode string Read/write The value of the document barcode
RegistrationProperties IRegistrationProperties Read-only Registration properties of the document
Type string Read/write The type of the document
DefinedTypes IScriptValues Read-only Possible non-empty document type values for the current document taken from the batch type settings
Definition Description
UpdateTypeRegistrationProperties (name: string) : bool

Updates the registration parameters of the document for the current document type.

Preserves the values of the parameters that have identical names.
Returns false if the document type is not empty and is not included in DefinedTypes.

If you change the type of a document using a script without applying the UpdateTypeRegistrationPropertie method, the registration parameters from the previous document type will be preserved.

26.03.2024 13:49:49

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