For a text to be recognized correctly, it must have the "normal" orientation, i.e. the lines should be horizontal and the letters should not be turned upside down or sideways. This is not always the case with scans or digital photos.

ABBYY FineReader 12 Sprint will attempt to correct the orientation automatically prior to recognition. However, if it fails to restore the normal orientation, you will need to rotate some of the images manually.

To rotate an image, open the EDIT IMAGE, click ROTATE, and then click:

  • Rotate Right to rotate the image 90° clockwise
  • Rotate Left to rotate the image 90° counterclockwise
  • Rotate 180° to rotate the image 180°
Alternatively, select the appropriate rotation tool from the Edit menu or from the shortcut menu of the image.


02.11.2018 17:37:16

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