Deploying ABBYY FineReader PDF in a LAN (installation on more than one computer)

ABBYY FineReader PDF can be installed and used on a local area network.

The automated installation methods give you speed and flexibility when installing ABBYY FineReader PDF on a local area network, as you do not have to install the program manually on each individual workstation.

ABBYY FineReader can be deployed from any computer running under Microsoft Windows 10 (or later).

The deployment process comprises the following steps:

  1. Performing an Administrative installation
    • Installing ABBYY FineReader PDF License Server and ABBYY FineReader PDF License Manager
      For detailed instructions, see Installing the License Server and the License Manager.
      Note. The computer on which ABBYY FineReader PDF License Manager is installed becomes a License Administrator Station.
    • Creating an administrative installation point
      For detailed instructions, see Creating an administrative installation point.
      Note. If the License Server and the workstations are located on different subnets, a TCP/IP connection must be configured. To do this, on the computer where the License Server is installed, make the appropriate changes to the connection protocol and the connection port settings in the Licensing.ini file, and then copy the file to the administrative installation point. For details, see How can I change the network connection settings?
      Note. The administrative installation point and the License Server can be located either on the same computer or on different computers.
  2. Managing the licenses
    Licenses are managed by means of the ABBYY FineReader PDF License Manager.
    For the licenses to be correctly distributed among the workstations when installing and using ABBYY FineReader PDF, you are required to give certain workstations/users priority in obtaining licenses. To do this, you should reserve licenses and license pools for specific workstations/users.
    A license pool is a set of licenses of the same type. Pools make it easier to manage licenses: for example, you can add multiple licenses to a pool and then reserve the pool for specific workstations/users instead of reserving each license individually.
    For details, see Managing Licenses.
  3. Installing ABBYY FineReader on workstations using one of the following methods:

Note. The 32-bit version of ABBYY FineReader PDF cannot be installed on a 64-bit system. The same is true for the 64-bit version on a 32-bit system.

Do not place the License Server into the same folder with the administrative installation point.

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