Operating system Microsoft® Windows Server® 2019  Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.2565) or later
CPU 4 cores or more
RAM 16 GB or more

512 GB or more

Depends on the actual amount of data loaded into the application.
Production environment may require more disk space, depending on the actual volume of data loaded into the application.

(to access the ABBYY Timeline website)
  • Google Chrome 100 or later
  • Microsoft Edge 100 or later
Additional software
  • Microsoft Windows Subsystem Linux
    If this Windows feature is disabled, the ABBYY Timeline Setup will prompt you to enable it. After that, you will need to restart your computer to apply the changes.
  • Redis 5 for Linux
    ABBYY Timeline uses Redis for Linux therefore additional software is needed. Please, download the following installation packages into the same folder:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5*
  • PostgreSQL 12.*
  • NodeJS 14.16.1*
  • Python 3.8.10. (64-bit)*
  • Microsoft Visual c++ 2015-2019 Redistributables (x64)*
  • GraphViz 2.49.0*
  • SMTP Server
    ABBYY Timeline needs access to a running SMTP server to be able to send verification emails, notifications, invitations, and alerts, etc.
Other requirements To install ABBYY Timeline on Windows successfully, make sure a user you are installing under is able to set the PowerShell Execution Policy to RemoteSigned. For details, see Installing Timeline.

Scaling guidelines

The exact calculation of necessary hardware requires multiple parameters such as data volume and use patterns. However, the general guidelines could be defined as following:

  • If the number of concurrent users is less than 10 and the data update frequency is one per day or less, a single server should be sufficient.
  • For more users or more frequent data updates, a separate server for DBMS is recommended.
  • For the fault-tolerant environment, use two identical servers and any standard load balancer.

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