Command line installation

Run the Abbyy.Recorder.<version>.exe file using the command line parameters described below.

Silent installation

To install Recorder in silent mode, use the following command line:
Abbyy.Recorder.<version>.exe /silent

For the command-line installation, use the following command-line options:

Option Default Value Description

Runs the installation in silent mode.

In the case of silent installation, no setup dialog boxes are displayed, and the program is installed in default configuration.

/passive Runs the installation with the progress bar only to be displayed. No other dialog boxes will be displayed.
installDir=<path> C:\Program Files\ABBYY Recorder The path to the folder where Recorder will be installed.
DataPath=<path> %appdata%\ABBYY\Recorder

Folder where the program will store its data.
Depending on the operating mode, different data are stored in the specified folder:

  • If you specify ServerUrl value to install Recorder in Server managed mode, only application logs are stored there.
  • If you install Recorder in Standalone mode, application logs and logs with recorded user activity are stored there.
Tag=<tag> Tag describing a current workstation. No tag is added by default.
ServerUrl=<server URL>

Turns the Server managed on. Specify the URL where Recording Service is installed and accessible over Network.

If this option is not specified, the default installation is in Standalone mode.

ChromeExt=<true|false> true Installs Recorder Chrome extension.
EdgeExt=<true|false> true Installs Recorder Edge extension.
FirefoxExt=<true|false> true

Installs Recorder Firefox extension.


  • The Recorder setup can install the Recorder Firefox extension only under a current user account.
    How to solve this issue see 'Known Issues' >Recorder Firefox extension limitation section.
  • The Recorder setup cannot remove the Recorder Firefox extension.
    Each user must remove the Recorder Firefox extension from Mozilla Firefox manually. For more information, see the 'How to Uninstall Recorder Firefox Extension' section.
ControlButtonsVisible=<true|false> true

Specifies the mode where most of the standard UI is turned off.

Recorder offers a custom UI option as an alternative to the classic UI. It removes the Enable/Disable buttons from the Recorder UI when it is installed in Server managed mode.

Important. It is highly discouraged to install Recorder with custom UI in production environment.

For detailed instructions on installing Recorder with custom UI, see below.

Installing Recorder with custom UI

Recorder offers a powerful security feature that allows users to disable when Recorder is recording their desktop activity. There are however some cases when the recording process needs to be managed only by the administrator through Recording Service thereby preventing the end user from turning Recorder on or off. For such cases, Recorder offers a custom UI option as an alternative to the classic UI. It removes the Enable/Disable buttons from the Recorder UI when it is installed in Server Managed mode. To use this option, all Recorders need to be installed in silent mode using the command line installation using the parameter controlButtonVisible = false. The controlButtonVisible parameter specifies the mode where most of the standard Recorder UI is turned off, preventing the user from controlling when Recorder is on or off.

Example: Abbyy.Recorder.<version>.exe /silent installDir="C:\Recorder" DataPath="C:\Data" Tag="RecorderWorkstation1" ServerUrl="https://myrecordingserviс" FirefoxExt=false ControlButtonsVisible=false

This command installs Recorder to the C:\Recorder folder in Server managed mode with the following settings:

  • The Enable/Disable buttons are removed from the Recorder UI. Only the administrator has privileges to control the recording process through the Recording Service website.
  • The Recorder Chrome and Edge extensions will be installed. The Firefox extension will not be installed.
  • Program logs will be stored in the C:\Data folder.
  • Logs of user activity will be sent to Recording Service hosted at https://myrecordingserviс

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