User is using Internet Explorer 11. Is his activity recorded?

It is not recommended to record users' activity in the Internet Explorer browser. Event recording in Internet Explorer is not fully supported, therefore events and/or screenshots may be lost during recording.

In order to record users' activity in a web browser, use supported browsers with the Recorder browser extensions installed.

Recorder instance installed in Server Managed mode does not display in Recording Service

If Recorder failed to connect to Recording Service using the URL specified during the Recorder installation, it does not display in the Recording Service web application.

To solve this issue:

  1. Make sure a user account has been added to the Active Directory group you created before the Recording Service installation.
    Add a user account to the Active Directory group if you have not done it before.
  2. Check the Recorder instance status on the user's computer.
    If status is 'Failed to register recorder at: <SomeRecordingServiceUrl>. No such host is known', make sure the Recording Service URL is correct. To check and/or change URL:
    1. Open settings.json
      You can find it on the user's computer in the Recorder installation folder.
      By default, it is installed into C:\Program Files\ABBYY Recorder.
      Important! Requires administrator privileges to edit settings.json.
    2. Find the ServerManagedMode section and check the value specified in Url parameter.
      If needs, change the value and restart the ABBYY.Recorder.AutoLauncher service using Services snap-in (Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services).
      Important. Requires administrator privileges to restart service.

Recorder Firefox extension limitation

Firefox extension install

The Recorder setup can install the Firefox extension feature only under a current user account.

If you install this feature, the Firefox browser will launch after the Recorder setup is complete. The Firefox browser is launched under the same account as Recorder has just installed. It asks a user to add the Firefox extension right now. User should allow the installation of the extension. However, the Firefox extension will be unavailable for other users.

Issue. Users did not detect any new extensions in the Firefox browser as a result of your administrative setup.

Workaround. Use one of the following methods to solve the issue:

  • Add the Firefox extension manually in a user browser.
  • Use the Firefox Group Policy to install the Firefox extension, for the Firefox extension feature to be available to all users.
    When installing via Group Policy, specify the path to the Firefox extension:
    %ABBYY Recorder folder%\FirefoxExtension\abbyy_recorder*.xpi

Contact the vendor for more info at
Important. In case of the Recorder upgrade, the Firefox extension needs to be updated manually.

Firefox extension uninstall

The Recorder setup cannot remove the Recorder Firefox extension.

Each user must remove the Recorder Firefox extension from Firefox manually. See How to Uninstall Recorder Firefox Extension for details.

After a successful Recorder installation, users did not detect the Recorder extension in a browser, though this feature has been selected to install

  1. Make sure that the user has the Recorder extension installed in a supported browser, and it is enabled. See Installing Recorder for details.
  2. If a user removed the Recorder extension from a supported browser manually, then the Recorder installer will fail to install the Recorder extension later. Contact ABBYY to solve the issue.

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