ABBYY Timeline Components

Whether you use ABBYY Timeline via ABBYY’s SAAS instance or installed on-premises the recommended configuration of Timeline requires 3 key components.  

  1. The core ABBYY Timeline
    It is either hosted by ABBYY or installed on-premises. There is no difference in functionality whether Timeline is accessed via ABBYY’s cloud instance or installed locally.
  2. The desktop ABBYY Recorder
    It is only on-premises and includes Recorder, Recorder Log Viewer, and browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  3. The central ABBYY Recording Service
    It is only on-premises and includes database and website.

The purpose and functions of platform components are described in the table below.

Component Functions
ABBYY Recording Service ABBYY Recording Service collects user interaction logs from multiple users over time and allows to submit obscured data into ABBYY Timeline
ABBYY Recorder Captures individual users’ desktop sessions.
ABBYY Recorder Log Viewer Allows user to view the logs recorded by the ABBYY Recorder.
For detailed information on usage of Log Viewer, see 'Recorder Log Viewer Guide'.
ABBYY Timeline Analyzes desktop user interaction data and seamlessly links it with process details mined from system event data, so you can see where repetitive and inefficient tasks are slowing your processes and allocate resources in the right places to resolve them.

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