How to Set up HTTPS for Recording Service

Below is a general sequence of steps necessary for setting up HTTPS for Recording Service during the installation process.

  1. Obtain an SSL certificate.
    The SSL certificate should be installed in Microsoft IIS on the server you plan to install Recording Service.
  2. Run the ABBYY.RecordingService.<version>.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions in the Installation Wizard. For more information see 'Installing Recording Service'.
    During the Destination Folder step:
    1. Choose Use HTTPS.
    2. Select the SSL certificate from the list.
      You can find the thumbprint of your certificate in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager:
      1. In Connections, select the server name (host).
      2. Open Server Certificates.
      3. Open your certificate details and find Thumbprint.
  3. Setup a network connection for Recording Service. For more information see 'Network Connection Settings'.
    1. In Windows Firewall, open the rules for inbound Recording Service connections.
    2. Add a TCP/IP port specified during the installation process to the exception list.
      For example, 443 port.
  4. Check whether HTTPS is functioning properly
    To make sure that HTTPS is functioning properly, open a browser on any computer and enter the following into the navigation bar:
    {url} is the name of the Recording Service website.
    {port} is the port assigned to the Recording Service website during the installation process. For example, 443.

How to switch from HTTP to HTTPS without reinstalling Recording Service

If you did not configure HTTPS when installing Recording Service, you can do it later using IIS Manager:

  1. Select RecordingService site in the Connections panel.
  2. Click Bindings… in the Action panel.
  3. In the Site Bindings windows click Add.
    The Add Site Binding windows will open.
  4. Select HTTPS type and provide an SSL certificate issued to the site URL.
  5. Restart the site.

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