You can use HTTPS to secure data transferred between the application components and the client’s browser.

To configure HTTPS, you need SSL certificates for Timeline and Recording Service. You can choose one of the following options:

  1. Use SSL certificate issued by the Certification Authority (CA).
    This is the recommended approach for the application installation that is intended for a production environment. The connection to the server will be secure and users will not get any warnings from the browser.
  2. Use a self-signed SSL certificate.
    If you do not have a signed certificate or if you only require a certificate for testing purposes, use a self-signed SSL certificate. However, in this case users will get warnings from the web browser about the use of a self-signed certificate as the server will not be considered secure.
    Note. If you install the program in a production environment, it is highly discouraged to use a self-signed SSL certificate.

Important. If you install the program in a production environment, it is strongly recommended to use HTTPS and highly discouraged HTTP.

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