Upload Logs to Timeline from a Recorder

If Recorder is installed in Standalone mode, logs are not processed or sent to Recording Service, making it impossible to use the Recording Service’s tools to upload logs to ABBYY Timeline.

Important. Logs recorded in Standalone mode can only be uploaded to the Task Mining 5.2 project. Since the logs recorded in this mode do not contain information about the forms, they are not compatible with the Task Mining 5.3 project and it is impossible to upload them there.

To upload logs to ABBYY Timeline:

  1. Open the logs folder.
    By default, logs are saved to the %appdata%\ABBYY\Recorder\Recorded folder.
  2. Select the folder that contains the Commands and Screenshots subfolders and create a ZIP file. Do the same for all other folders in the logs folder.
  3. Open the ABBYY Timeline website.
  4. Create a new project or open an existing one with the Task Mining – Recording Service 5.2 and later data source enabled
    (click Project > Details > Data sources and select Task Mining – Recording Service 5.2 and later).
  5. Select Project > Upload data.
    The Upload form will be displayed.
  6. Click Browse File and select the ZIP file you created earlier.
    Important! The total size of all selected ZIP files must not exceed 10 GB.
  7. Click Upload.

After the upload is complete, go to the Home view (select View > Home) and define Tasks.

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