Transformations should be used in Recording Service to do the following:

  1. Remove sensitive data that has been captured by Recorder as event names.
    For example, if it is recorded in the log that a user has opened a document called PO-BankOfAmerica.pdf or BillGatesSalary.xls, it is best to replace these with redacted strings like opening PO-XXX.pdf and opening XXXsalary.xls respectively. To do so, you will need to configure transformations as regular expressions and apply them to selected logs.
  2. Cast the names of several similar events to a common name.
    If you notice similar unique strings like opening PO-BankOfAmerica and opening PO-CitiBank, you can use transformations to convert these events to a common type, e.g. opening new PO. This new event can then be marked as either a start event or end event in Task Definition Editor.

For more information about creating and applying transformations, see Adding and Applying Transformations.

22.09.2023 8:59:47

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