setRequiredPageCount method of the Builder class

Sets total number of pages to be captured.

Use this method to set the page-limitation mode of the image capture:

  • pass 0 to allow unlimited image capture. The set of the result images can be saved or edited at any time
  • pass a positive value to set the exact number of images that should be captured. Images saving is enabled only when this number of images are been captured.
    If the UISettings interface is not set and the default user interface settings are used, required number of images is shown as a tip at the bottom of the camera view and in the top left corner of the gallery view, i.e. "1 of 3", where "3" is the required number of images.

void setRequiredPageCount( int requiredPageCount );


The total number of pages to be captured.

02.03.2022 12:59:15

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