ITextCaptureService interface

A background text capture service interface.

This interface provides methods to tune the processing settings, start and stop the work, and pass the video frames from the camera to the background processing engine.

Extends the IRecognitionService interface.

public interface ITextCaptureService extends IRecognitionService


Name Description
getExtendedSettings Provides access to extended service configuration settings. Inherited from IRecognitionService.
setAreaOfInterest Sets the area on the frame where the text is to be found. Inherited from IRecognitionService.
setDebugLog Attaches a callback for collecting debug data. Inherited from IRecognitionService.
setRecognitionLanguage Sets the languages to be used for recognition.
setTextTypes Sets the text types to be used for recognition.
start Starts processing. Inherited from IRecognitionService.
stop Stops processing and releases the resources used by the recognition service. Inherited from IRecognitionService.
submitFrame Submits a video frame.
submitRequestedFrame Submits the video frame requested through the Callback.onRequestLatestFrame method. Inherited from IRecognitionService.

Nested classes

Name Description
Callback A callback interface to interact with the recognition service: input the data and obtain the results. Extends IRecognitionService.Callback.

Extended information about the characters' formatting.

 Important! This class is reserved for future use.

DebugLog A callback interface for collecting debug data. Inherited from the IRecognitionService.DebugLog interface without any modification.
ExtendedSettings Extended service configuration settings. Extends IRecognitionService.ExtendedSettings.
TextLine A line of recognized text; the location and additional information are also available.


The enumerations are inherited from IRecognitionService without any modifications.

Name Description
ResultStabilityStatus Result stability status: the estimate of how stable the result is, and whether it is likely to be improved by adding new frames.
Warning A warning that occurred during processing.

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