start method of the IRecognitionService interface

Starts processing. The service will automatically create several processing threads, request video frames and return the results via the Callback interface.

void start( 
 int width,
 int height,
 int orientation,
 Rect areaOfInterest


The width of the video frame.
The height of the video frame.
The orientation of the video frame in degrees. Should be a multiple of 90.
The rectangular area of the frame where the text is expected to be. For example, it may be selected by the user or highlighted in your application interface.

 Note: You can also change the area of interest while the service is running by calling the setAreaOfInterest method.

 Note: Before recognition, the service rotates the image obtained from camera in order to bring text orientation to normal (horizontal). The area of interest is specified in the coordinates on this rotated image, which are different from the coordinates on the video frame except the case when the frame orientation is 0.

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