onSaveImageBufferNV21 method of the DebugLog interface

Called by the service to log an image in the NV21 format. This method is to be implemented on the client side.

String onSaveImageBufferNV21( 
 int width,
 int height,
 int orientation,
 Rect areaOfInterest,
 byte[] buffer,
 int dataSize


The image width.
The image height.
The image orientation in degrees, a multiple of 90.
The rectangular area of interest on the image.
The buffer with image data in NV21 format. Only dataSize bytes in the buffer contain valid image data.
The number of bytes in the buffer containing valid image data.

Return values

A string identifier of the image to which detailed debug information may be attached. If null is returned, the onAttachDebugInfo method will not be called and no detailed information will be reported.

02.03.2022 12:59:15

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