IRecognitionCoreAPI interface

Provides access to low-level functions for single image processing. Useful when you need to recognize an image that was not taken by the camera of the device on which the application operates — for example, scans sent by email.

Use the object on the thread on which it was created; you may also create several objects on different threads and use them concurrently. All method calls are synchronous (will not return until the operation is completed), so should not be used on the UI thread.

Extends the AutoCloseable and TextCapture interfaces.

public interface IRecognitionCoreAPI


Name Description
close Releases the resources.
getProcessingSettings Provides access to the general processing settings.
getTextRecognitionSettings Provides access to the settings of text recognition.
recognizeText Performs recognition of an image.
setTextOrientationDetectionEnabled Enables or disables detection of the image orientation while preprocessing.

Nested classes

Name Description
CharInfo Extended information about the characters' formatting. Inherited from TextCapture interface.
ProcessingSettings The general settings which are the same for different processing scenarios.
TextBlock A collection of recognized text lines found in a text area (block) on the image.
TextLine A recognized text line. Inherited from TextCapture interface.
TextRecognitionCallback A callback interface to manage the processing: obtain information about progress and errors, terminate the operation if necessary.
TextRecognitionSettings The settings for text recognition.


Name Description
Warning A warning that occurred during processing.

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