Status class

The capture status.

final class IImageCaptureService.Status {
   public final Point[] DocumentBoundary;
   public final int FrameRelativeQuality;
   public final Point MotionVector;
   public final QualityAssessmentForOcrBlock[] qualityAssessmentForOcrBlocks;


Name Type Description
DocumentBoundary Point[] The document boundary defined by the four vertex points of the bounding quadrangle. The vertices are indexed clockwise starting from the bottom left.
FrameRelativeQuality int

The value from internal image quality scale. Larger value means better image quality. The minimum value is 0.

 Note: This API is available only in the extended version of the library. For correct quality comparison the image should represent the document at the same scene. If the background changes at some images, parameter values will not represent appropriate for comparison data.

MotionVector Point The vector that indicates the image position shifting in comparison to the previous state.
qualityAssessmentForOcrBlocks QualityAssessmentForOcrBlock[] The quality assessment blocks.

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