IDataCaptureProfileBuilder interface

The data capture profile builder interface. The profile builder allows you to configure the data capture service to recognize custom documents.

To define the custom document scheme, use addScheme and configure the builder with the ISchemeBuilder and IFieldBuilder interface methods. Then call checkAndApply to create the data capture profile with this scheme and apply it to the existing data capture service. Note that the service must not be running at the time of the checkAndApply call (use IDataCaptureService.stop if necessary).

public interface IDataCaptureProfileBuilder


Name Description
addScheme Adds a new empty scheme configuration to the builder.
checkAndApply Checks builder settings, creates the profile and applies it to the data capture service.
setRecognitionLanguage Sets the languages to use for recognition.

Nested classes

Name Description
IFieldBuilder The interface for a field builder used to define custom field properties.
ISchemeBuilder The interface for a custom document scheme builder used to add fields to the scheme.
Predicate<T> Represents a predicate (boolean-valued function) of one argument. Used in IFieldBuilder.setOnValidate.
ProfileCheckException The exception thrown when invalid settings are found by the checkAndApply method.

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