load method of the Engine class

Loads the ABBYY Mobile Capture SDK engine. You can choose to load your license as a license file and pass a file path string as a parameter. Otherwise you can pass the license data to the load method directly as a bytes array.

Creating the Engine and initializing the library may take up a lot of time, because all the resources need to be loaded. Therefore you should call this method only once, when initializing the main activity of your application, and reuse the Engine object every time you need to start a new recognition operation.

public static Engine load( 
 Context context,
 String licenseFilePath )
throws IOException, LicenseException;

public static Engine load(
 Context context,
 byte[] licenseData)
throws IOException, LicenseException;


The application context.
The path to the license file relative to the assets directory.
The bytes of the license

Return values

The method returns an instance of the Engine object.


Throws java.io.IOException if a required library or resource is not found or could not be loaded.

Throws Engine.LicenseException if the specified license is invalid.

02.03.2022 12:59:15

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