DocumentSize class

The physical size of the documents. Can be chosen from the preset values or defined manually.

class DocumentSize {
  public DocumentSize( float width, float height );
  public float getWidth();
  public float getHeight();
  public static final DocumentSize ANY;
  public static final DocumentSize A4;
  public static final DocumentSize LETTER;
  public static final DocumentSize BUSINESS_CARD;


Name Type Description
width float Document width in millimeters.
height float Document height in millimeters.


Name Description
ANY The captured document can have any size.
A4 Document size is 210x297 millimeters.
Please, note that documents of this size may require a higher quality for an appropriate recognition.
LETTER Document size is 215.9x279.4 millimeters.
BUSINESS_CARD Document size is 53.98x85.6 millimeters.
 Note: It is recommended to define aspect ratio using setAspectRatioMin and setAspectRatioMax methods for business cards capture. Otherwise only business cards with 53.98x85.6 aspect ratio will be captured.

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