DataCaptureSettings interface

Provides access to the settings of a data capture scenario.

Please note that after you configure all the parameters, the checkAndApply method should be called. Otherwise the settings won't be applied to the scenario.

 Note: By default the settings from the DataCaptureSettings interface will be used. But if configured, capture settings defined by an ImageCaptureSettings interface object are preferable over the settings defined by the DataCaptureSettings interface object.

interface DataCaptureSettings


Name Description

Checks if the properties' value of the DataCaptureSettings interface are consistent. If true, then applies the settings to a capture scenario.

This method should be called after all the settings are configured.

getAvailableRecognitionLanguages Returns a list of languages that will be shown to the end-user as provided for recognition.
getRecognitionLanguages Returns a list of languages to be used for recognition.
setAreaOfInterest Sets the area on the frame where the data is to be found.

Sets a surroundings type of the recognized document with one of the CaptureSceneType constants. The text for recognition can be captured from a simple sheet of paper or from a part of environment, i.e. from a street banner. Set the capture scene type to improve the recognition results.

setProfile Defines a profile to be used in the data capture scenario.
setRecognitionLanguages Sets the languages to be used for recognition.
setScheme Sets a custom data scheme, required if the setProfile method of the DataCaptureSettings interface received "Custom" as a name parameter. Otherwise should not be called.
setSelectableRecognitionLanguages Defines a list of languages that will be shown to the end-user as provided for recognition. Find the whole list of supported languages in the Available Recognition Languages section. Pass to this method only the languages you need in your scenario.
setNamedProperty Sets the named property of extended settings for data capture.

Nested Classes

Name Description
Scheme Provides methods for managing the custom data capture profile scheme.

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