How to Capture Image from Camera

This guide helps you to implement the whole image capture scenario including the user interface part with just a little effort.

The purpose of image capture scenario is to enable your application to capture the image from the smartphone camera preview frames. Once you begin capturing, the Mobile Capture engine will automatically receive new camera frames, detecting the quality assessment of the captured image to OCR and filtering out low quality photos. This process is continued until the result reaches the required stability level. Accessible image is cropped and justified. Then it can be compressed and exported to the processing server.

There are three optimal variations of the scenario, providing different instruments for image capture integration into your project:

  • Multipage image capture scenario, including API for ready-to-use user interface implementation. This is the easiest to integrate case. Use this API to implement an onboarding document capture application, to capture large document batches with no page limit or fixed number of documents with different page size. Test such supported features as interface elements and working with photo gallery and customize them according to your needs.
  • One-page image capture scenario with API for user interface implementation. This case is useful for scenarios, when a single page capture with basic user interface elements should be performed.
  • Image capture API for specific cases when a custom user interface is implemented and only the processing mechanisms are required.

Below you can find detailed "How to..." for each of these scenarios, demonstrating ABBYY Mobile Capture API usage.

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