Working with a list of batches

After a batch is created and submitted for recognition, an Operator is prompted to the page with a list of batches.

On the top of the page is a pane for creating a new batch. It can be hidden by clicking the Hide link at the top-right corner. To reopen the pane, click Create new batch button.

Customizing a batch list

Filtering a batch list

Batches in the list are filtered by batch types and time of creation. To apply this filter, select required parameters from drop-down lists in the Show: block.

An Operator may also filter batches by processing stages. To do this, use the following tabs:

  • All batches. To display all batches in the project.
  • At scanning stage. To display only those batches that are currently at the scanning stage.
  • Require verification . To display only those batches that require verification.
  • Processed. To display only batches with the Processed status.

The number of batches is displayed to the right from the name of the respective tab.

Actions with a batch list

Batch lists are being handled by means of the toolbar that is located above a batch list.

What you can do with batches

Searching for batches

Deleting batches

See also: Exporting batches and loading export results.

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