Remote Verification Station

Like the regular Verification Station, the Remote Verification Station is used for verifying data, processing problem batches or documents, correcting assembly errors, applying data rules, and checking batches for integrity.

The Remote Verification Station is intended for remote users who do not have access to the local area network where the ABBYY FlexiCapture servers and other components are installed. For more information about differences between the Remote Verification Station and the regular Verification Station installed locally, see Differences between stations.

Applying Document Definitions on the Remote Verification Station

The Remote Verification Station allows you to match Document Definitions to documents and pages. To change a Document Definition for a document, right-click the document or one of its pages and then click the Match Document Definition item on the shortcut menu. The document will be automatically re-recognized.

If you need to mark a page as an annex page, right-click the page and then click the Set Page as Annex item on the shortcut menu.

To clear the recognition results for a document or page, right-click the document or page and then click the Clear Analysis Results item on the shortcut menu.

Note: On the Remote Verification Station, the Rerecognize, Reanalyze, and Recheck Rules commands are only available for documents that have already been recognized on the server. If the Remote Verification Station receives a document that has not been recognized, the document must be sent to the recognition stage before you can use these commands. You will still be able to match a Document Definition to a non-recognized document, but the document will not be automatically re-recognized. Instead, the document will be marked as "for processing" and sent to the server for recognition. The name of the Document Definition will appear in the Sending Note column.

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