Features of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices

Recognition and Data Extraction

FlexiLayout specifically adjusted for invoices processing

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices includes a ready-to-use FlexiLayout specifically adjusted for immediate processing of invoices. It has a predefined set of data fields for recognition which can be extended with additional fields. This FlexiLayout allows recognizing all necessary data fields from the vast majority of documents without any additional adjustments or recourse to built-in Training capabilities.

Country-specific settings

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices features a predefined set of processing rules and other country-specific settings which are applied once the program identifies the country of the invoiced business unit. Automatic validation rules ensure that the data comply with country-specific regulations or practices.

These ready-to-use settings are available for the list of specially supported countries which includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, United States. A new profile can be added by the user for any other country during the set up.

Validation rules

Checks by means of predefined validation rules ensure consistency of the data and help to detect incorrect or incomplete invoices and the problem fields. Errors detected during automatic rules validation affect the document status. This allows distinguishing purely correct documents from the exceptional ones which require special management.

At the verification stage, errors detected by validation rules are supplied with brief comments explaining the nature of an error.

Document status detection

Each invoice gets one of the three possible statuses, which is automatically assigned to a document based on the results of the validation rules check. Document status detection facilitates differentiation of the invoices and enables touchless processing for completely correct documents.

Invoices without errors are assigned the status Valid, invoices with minor errors and requiring special attention are assigned the status Exception, and those which do not comply with the legal requirements or from which data are missing are assigned the status Rejected.

A document's status automatically changes to Valid when the errors have been corrected. The verifier can confirm the assigned status or force status change, providing reasons for their decision in a comments field. For invoices with the status Rejected a special export destination can be specified.

Advanced database look-up

During recognition the software matches the invoice data against the user's actual Vendor and Business Unit databases. Field values are automatically populated from these databases if the right records have been confidently detected. If no or multiple records are found in the database, the verifier can choose the correct record manually.

Purchase Order matching

In case a connection to a database of orders or contracts was set up, invoice data can be matched against the actual purchase orders at the verification stage. In this case the verifier will be able to open a matching order from the database, compare its data with those in the invoice, and confirm the data captured from the respective field.

On-the-Go Training technology

Operator-driven Training

To improve detection of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices data fields, features On-the-go Training which makes the software remember corrections made by the user at the verification stage and automatically amend the FlexiLayout with new FlexiLayout alternatives.

Administrator-driven Training

Data recognition can be further improved by reviewing the results of Operator-driven training. An Administrator can review, roll back or adjust these results, view and modify the set of documents used for training, and disable or enable alternatives created as a result of Operator-driven training.

Verification UI

Specially-designed data verification form

The intuitive verification interface of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices has been carefully designed specifically for working with this type of document. Data fields on the verification form are grouped together and arranged in the way that is most practical for invoices. Key fields are supplemented with a snapshot of the original image. The required fields are highlighted; warning and error messages are displayed together with comments to enable fast and accurate corrections.

The data verification form and the order in which fields are to be verified can be easily customized to suit the user's needs or established practice.


Country pane

Such settings as language, currency, date formats, number formats, validation rules, tax rates, etc. are country dependent. ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices provides default settings for the specially supported countries. These settings can be modified by the user if necessary.

The user can easily add a new profile and specify the correct settings for any other country for which no default settings are currently available in the software.

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