Assembling documents

How to correct assembly errors

  1. Incorrect page order
    There may be too few or too many pages, or document pages may not arranged in the correct order. To correct such errors, you can use your mouse to move the page both within a single document and from one document to another.
    Pages of several documents can be merged into a single document as follows:
    • Highlight documents to be merged (use Ctrl-Click to select several documents);
    • Right-click and select Merge from the shortcut menu.

To split pages in a document and to place each one of them into a separate document:

  • Highlight the document in which you want to split pages;
  • Select Split from the shortcut menu.
  1. Incorrect recognition of a multipage document.
    If a multipage document is recognized as a collection of one-page documents, this means that the Document Definition has been correctly applied only to the first page. To fix the error, you need to group the faulty pages into one section:
    • Check the order of the pages in the document (see "Incorrect page order" above), making sure the pages belong to the same document.
    • Select the pages that belong to the same section (e.g. all pages with tables).
    • Right-click the selection and then click Group into Section on the shortcut menu.

The grouped pages will now be recognized as a multipage document.

  1. If the Document Definition requires verification of key fields for the correct assembly of pages, the values of the key fields will be displayed under the image of each page:
    • highlighted in gray in the event of a match
    • highlighted in red in the event of a mismatch

Key fields may not match if they have been recognized or filled in incorrectly. Check the values of the key fields. If the values of the key fields still do not match, the respective pages most likely do not belong to the same document. If the order of pages is wrong, find pages with identical key fields and assemble them into documents as described in "Incorrect page order" above.

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