Creating a Language Group

If you are going to use a particular language combination regularly, you may wish to group the languages together for convenience.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Language Editor….
  2. In the Language Editor dialog box that opens, click New....
  3. In the New Language or Group dialog box, select Create a new group of languages and click OK.
  4. In the Language Group Properties dialog box, type a name for your new group and select the desired languages.

If you know that your text will not contain certain characters, you may wish to explicitly specify these so-called prohibited characters. Specifying prohibited characters can increase both recognition speed and quality. To specify prohibited characters, click the Advanced... button in the Language Group Properties dialog box. In the Advanced Language Group Properties dialog box, type the prohibited characters in the Prohibited characters field.

  1. Click OK.

The newly created group will be added to the Document Languages drop-down list on the Document pane.

You can save all user patterns and languages as a single file. To do this, click Tools > Save Patterns and Languages....

Tip. If you need a particular language combination for a document, you can also select the desired languages directly, without creating a group for them.

  1. From the Document Languages drop-down list, select More languages….
  2. In the Language Editor dialog box, select Specify OCR languages manually.
  3. Select the desired languages and click OK.

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