ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud REST API task status

The FlexiCapture Cloud REST API assigns a unique identifier (ID) to each new task. After that, a batch with the same name is created in FlexiCapture Cloud and is queued for processing. The task status created in the FlexiCapture REST API is automatically defined using the processing results.

To create a task for processing documents through the REST API, you need to go to DOCUMENT CAPTURE on the FlexiCapture Cloud REST API portal.

Tracking task status

A task status in FlexiCapture Cloud REST API corresponds to a batch processing stage in FlexiCapture. See #ERROR_INVALID_LINK_queues_architecture# for more details about the different batch processing stages – automatic or Operator-assisted.

Cloud REST API task status FlexiCapture batch processing stage Task status description
New                                       —
(the batch has not been created yet)
Task created.
Submitted                                       —
(the batch has been created but has not yet been submitted for processing)
Task submitted for processing.
InProgress                                 All stages
(the batch is being processed on one of the automatic stages)  
Task being processed.
WaitForAction                                 Verification Task awaiting user verification.
Done                                 Processed Task complete.
Failed                                 Exceptions

Processing completed with an error.

See Processing error diagnostics to check the status of tasks containing errors.  

Canceled                                       —

Task cancelled.

Total possible number of documents to be processed exceeded.

For detailed information about the task status and corresponding batch processing stages, see API Description in the Get task processing info section.

5/18/2023 9:30:10 AM

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