The FlexiCapture Cloud REST API web portal

The FlexiCapture Cloud REST API web portal is designed to familiarize you with the REST API and how to use it for processing documents, processing testing and application management.

You can select an appropriate platform and sign up for the service here:  

Overview of the FlexiCapture Cloud REST API web portal features

  • The Document Capture view allows the user to test document processing by uploading and processing documents, and then downloading the processing results.
  • The Processing Report view contains the page processing statistics for a specific timeframe — including the number of pages processed successfully and pages processed with errors.
  • The Usage Report view shows a total number of pages and documents that were processed by the application within a certain period.
  • The Applications view lets the user view the available applications, activate an application and create a new application.
  • The Quick Start Guide view interactively guides the user through the main document processing scenario:
  1. uploading files;
  2. creating tasks to process the uploaded files;
  3. checking the status of a task;
  4. getting the processing results.  
  • The API Description view contains a detailed description and an overview of the API.

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