Request errors

ABBYY Flexicapture Cloud API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the failure of an API request.

Code Status Meaning
400 Bad Request

Returned if invalid input data is specified. The response body contains an instance of BadRequestBodyModel.


403 Forbidden To use this method, you should have a dedicated tenant. Please contact us and we will create one for you.
404 Not Found Returned if the resource is not found.
409 Conflict Returned if the resource is not ready.
429 Too Many Requests

Returned when the workload spikes, while additional processing resources are being allocated by the Azure Resource Manager.

To handle these errors, please implement a retry mechanism that prevents request overload. For example, use exponential back-off, sending the first retry request after 5 seconds and increasing the wait time for the next requests, up to 1 minute.

503 Service Unavailable
500 Internal Server Error

The response body contains an instance of InternalServerErrorModel.


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