Single Sign-On authentication

Single Sign-On technology (SSO) allows using a single set of credentials to access all required resources. This means that users will only have to authenticate once when working with multiple corporate systems.

The advantages of using Single Sign-On technology are as follows:

  • Users need to remember only one password.
  • Using several accounts becomes more secure due to:
    • Centralized account management (including the ability to add, delete, and block accounts).
    • Centralized password policy (including the ability to ensure password strength, regular password change, and unlock passwords).
    • Ability to track users' activities in corporate IT systems.
  • Large organizations can easily manage the life cycle of their employee accounts when hiring, firing, promoting or demoting their employees.

Single Sign-On technology is widely used in corporate environments. ABBYY FlexiCapture Cloud supports SSO authentication using the SAML 2.0 protocol. Administrators only have to set up pass-through authentication once to enjoy all the above benefits when working with the web stations. Users can then sign in using your company's authentication method.

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