Migrating to the 2nd version of the API

When you upgrade from the version 1 to version 2 of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices Cloud REST API, you will need to make some changes to your code.

The essential changes include:

  • Applications
    The new version introduces the concept of applications. One account can have multiple applications which operate independently. Each application can only work with its own tasks, processing data, and training models, and cannot access any of this information for other applications.
  • Multi-column fields
    The fields may have variants now, allowing for spelling differences and mistakes, which makes it easier to match the vendors and business units. The captured fields will be represented by arrays with variants.
  • Version updated in URLs
    The URLs were renamed according to the version: the v1 in the URL was changed to v2.

You will need to change some of your code to account for the differences. The API methods of the first version are listed below. Open the subsection for each method to see how it has changed in the second version. The URL changes are picked out in bold.

Working with files

POST https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/file

GET https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/file/{id}/{token}/info

GET https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/file/{id}/{token}

DELETE https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/file/{id}/{token}

Capturing documents

POST https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/capture/data

Invoice capturing tasks

POST https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/capture/invoices

GET https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/task/{id}

DELETE https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/task/{id}

Working with datasets

POST https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/businessunits

PUT https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/businessunits

GET https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/businessunits/{region}

DELETE https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/businessunits/{region}

DELETE https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/businessunit/{region}/{externalId}

POST https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/vendors

PUT https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/vendors

GET https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/vendors/{region}

DELETE https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/vendors/{region}

DELETE https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/dataset/vendors/{region}/{externalId}

Training the data capture models

POST https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/data/train

PUT https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/data/train

GET https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/data/{taskId}/{fileId}

POST https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/data/train/station/{taskId}

PUT https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/data/train/station/{taskId}

GET https://api-{location-id}.flexicapture.com/v1/data/batch/{region}

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