Manual Document Assembling

Automatic document separation (by blank pages, barcodes, by means of a script, etc.) set in the processing scenario may cause errors in document separation (for example, pages of one document may be sent to another document). To be able to correct such errors at the Verification stage, enable the Allow manual document assembly on Verification Station option. In this case, all documents in a job will be sent for Verification to one Operator who will be able to transfer pages between documents of the job.

Jobs available for manual assembly are marked in the Select Document to Process dialog box with an icon that looks like a pile of documents. The Number of documents column will show the number of documents in a job.

A job with the manual assembly option is opened in the Verification Station in the job processing mode rather than the document processing mode. For this mode, the Job panel is available. It displays a list of all documents included in a job as well as their statuses. Any of these documents may be opened by double-clicking the left mouse button on the name of the document in the list.

The Accept all documents option is available in the job processing mode. If this option is enabled, all documents in a job are assigned the Accepted status, except documents that were previously declined by an Operator.

You can transfer pages to the next or previous document from the page context menu only in the job processing mode.

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