Can I clone an operating system that has ABBYY FineReader PDF installed?

Yes, you can deploy ABBYY FineReader PDF by cloning your Microsoft Windows 10/11 operating system. After cloning your OS, you will need to activate ABBYY FineReader PDF. An unactivated copy of ABBYY FineReader PDF will not run or will run in trail mode, depending on your version of the product. Some versions of the product automatically activate themselves over the Internet without asking the user for confirmation. See Creating a multi-user administrative installation point for details.


  1. Cloning is only possible if you have not yet run ABBYY FineReader PDF on the cloned computer.
    Otherwise, you will need to repair ABBYY FineReader PDF on that computer. See How can I repair ABBYY FineReader PDF 16 on workstations?
  2. Once you have cloned your OS, you need to change its name and Security Identifier (SID).
  3. Trial versions of ABBYY FineReader PDF can be cloned.

12.06.2024 14:29:37

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