Uploading Documents from Your Mobile Device

You can upload documents to ABBYY Vantage using either the instant application (App Clip for iOS and Instant App for Android) or a web browser on your mobile device.

System requirements for uploading documents from a mobile device

To upload documents from your mobile device:

  1. Click the Mobile Upload button:

on the document upload page

on the toolbar

(if you already have some uploaded documents)

  1. Point the camera of your mobile device to the QR code displayed on the screen of your desktop computer. A link will appear on the screen of your mobile device.
  2. Tap the link displayed on the screen of your mobile device. If you are unable to scan the QR code, copy the link by tappingCopy QR-code link and open it using your mobile device.
  3. If you have an iOS device, tap Open on App Clip’s Smart Banner that appears. Doing so will open the instant application that you can use to upload your images.
    If you have an Android device and use a Google Chrome browser, choose how you will upload your documents on the page that opens in the browser: either using the instant application (tap Open ABBYY Capture) or using the browser (tap Continue with browser). If you use a different browser, a web page where you can upload your documents will open.
    Note: In both cases, you do not need to download and install the application on your device.
  4. Allow the instant application or web page access to your camera in the pop-up notification. Unless you do so, you will not be able to capture documents using the camera of your mobile device.
  5. Upload your document images:
    You can take photos of your images using the camera of your device in the instant application or using the system camera in the web browser. Alternatively, you can upload an image from your gallery (tap). Vantage will determine the location of the document's borders automatically. You can manually correct the borders for all added images during the editing step.
    Note: To close the instant application or mobile upload window, tapor Back. Alternatively, you can close the application or the appropriate mobile browser tab.
  6. Edit the image if required:
    • TapDelete to delete the current document page,
    • TapRetake if you are not satisfied with the quality of the photo,
    • TapCrop to specify the document borders and crop the image down to those borders. You will need to reposition the corner markers that appear on the image, moving them closer to the document edges. Simply tap on a rogue marker and drag it toward the nearest document corner,
    • TapRotate to rotate the image 90° counter-clockwise.

Screenshot demonstrating the Crop option

  1. If you are uploading a multi-page document, repeat steps 6-7 for each page.
    Note: To upload a multi-page document, tap Add page to create a new photo or upload one from the gallery.
  2. Once all pages have been uploaded and edited, tap Upload. Your mobile device will display a message containing the upload status. Images that have been uploaded successfully will be deleted from the mobile device. In order for the uploaded document to be displayed in ABBYY Vantage, refresh the browser page on your computer.

Note: Only one document can be uploaded as part of a single transaction. If you want to upload specific pages or several multi-page documents at once, repeat steps 1 through 9 for each document.
Important! If you are uploading pages from a mobile browser, captured images that have not been uploaded will be deleted once your session expires.

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