Recorder Log Viewer allows you to view the logs recorded by Recorder installed in Standalone mode. This guide shows how to use Recorder Log Viewer.

Recorder installed in Standalone mode is useful for trial purposes. Its limitations affect the recorded logs:

  • Recorded logs are stored on users' computers and are not sent to Recording Service for processing, so there are no forms in these logs. If you plan to upload logs to Timeline for trial purposes, first open your logs in the Recorder Log Viewer utility. As a result, the forms will be detected automatically and the Forms folder inside your logs will be created. Next, to upload the processed logs to Timeline, follow the instructions in the Timeline guide, see 'Projects, Tools, and Data Analysis -> Task Mining -> Data Upload -> Logs upload without Recording Service'.
    Important. Forms are supported in Recorder Log Viewer 6.0 and later.
  • Only passwords are encrypted in text logs, other text data are not encrypted, and data in screenshots aren't blurred.

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