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Administration and Monitoring Console

Important! For the correct operation of the Administration and Monitoring Console, make sure that your browser allows the use of JavaScript and pop-up windows.

The Administration and Monitoring Console is used to set up the entire complex (site) and to monitor its operation.

The Administration and Monitoring Console is a Web interface available to the user of the Application Server and provides access to the server via an Internet browser. The console can be opened on any computer that can access the Application Server by typing http://<ApplicationServer>/FlexiCapture12/Monitoring in the browser, where <ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer on which the Application Server is installed.

The Administration and Monitoring Console is launched immediately after the Application Server is installed, enabling the Operator to establish a database connection and set up access permissions for tenants.

The Administration and Monitoring Console also lets you monitor ABBYY FlexiCapture by viewing processing statistics and generating performance reports and processing reports. Based on this data, you can make changes to the configuration of FlexiCapture or re-allocates resources.

User roles and permissions

ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 has a multitenancy feature that enables independent use by multiple users. Each of these users, called tenants, has its own projects, batches, user accounts and groups, and cannot access the data of other tenants.

If you use multiple tenants, the System Administrator will be responsible for installing FlexiCapture, setting it up, performing maintenance and insuring productivity. The System Administrator has permissions for:

  • Managing the main license
  • Creating and managing the database
  • Creating, editing and deleting tenants
  • Viewing reports on the productivity of FlexiCapture

In addition to setting up and managing tenants, the System Administrator can set up document processing workflows in the default tenant. This includes:

  • Creating user accounts and user groups
  • Managing projects and batches
  • Viewing processing productivity reports and Operator reports
  • Creating custom reports

Note: The System Administrator does not have access to information about users in other tenants.

When creating a tenant, the System Administrator specifies the e-mail address of the user who will receive Tenant Administrator permissions. Tenant Administrators manage the processing of documents within their tenants, but cannot manage other tenants and do not have access to their data and database settings.

A Tenant Administrator has the following permissions within his/her tenant:

  • Creating user accounts, user groups and additional user accounts with Tenant Administrator permissions
  • Granting permissions to users
  • Managing projects and batches
  • Monitoring document processing
  • Viewing reports on processing productivity and Operator performance

Monitoring Operators insure compliance with SLAs and use reports to evaluate productivity.

Users can create user accounts and request roles and permissions for projects. Users can:

  • Work on stations
  • Request additional permissions
  • Change the data they specified when creating their account

Note: The license information can only be viewed when the Processing Server is running. If the Processing Server is not running, the following message will be displayed instead of the license information: Data could not be accessed.

Note: The information about the main license used by the system is available to the ABBYY FlexiCapture administrator on the Summary page. If a tenant uses a personal license, information about that license can be viewed by the tenant administrator. If a tenant uses the main license, information about that license cannot be viewed by the tenant administrator.

Setting up ABBYY FlexiCapture

Getting started

Monitoring features of the Administration and Monitoring Console

The log in page and the user account page

Importing databases and projects from earlier versions of ABBYY FlexiCapture

Note: To find out the current version of the web station and the server, click the ABBYY logo in the bottom right corner of the page.

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