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Setting up e-mail notifications

You can use the Administration and Monitoring Console to set up e-mail notifications in order to help keep track of licenses and user requests for permissions.

Notifications can be sent when the following event occur:

  • New permission request
    A user made a permission request.
  • The license is running out of pages
    The license has less pages than the specified percentage.
  • The license will expire soon
    The license will expire in the specified number of days.
    Note: If you replace a license that is about to expire with a license that expires in less than the specified number of days, the new license will not trigger a second notification.

Complete the following steps to start the notification service:

  1. Make sure that the Processing Server is running.
  2. Open the Administration and Monitoring Console, click Settings → SMTP-settings and specify the connection settings for the SMTP server:
    • SMTP-server
      The address of the notification server (e.g. smtp.email.com).
    • SMTP-port
      The port number. By default, port 25 is used for unencrypted connections and port 465 is used for SSL-encrypted connections.
    • SMTP-login
      The name of the mail box that will be used for sending the notifications.
    • Password
      The password used for accessing the e-mail server.
    • If you want to encrypt data using the SSL protocol, enable the Use SSL option.
  3. Open the Settings → E-mail notifications page, select one or more events and notification recipients.
  4. The text in the default messages cannot be changed, but you can type additional text and change the subject.
  5. Click Save.

Now when the selected events occur, notifications will be automatically sent to the recipients you specified.

Example of a notification setup that uses Gmail

10/3/2017 12:17:44 PM

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