Calculating the number of CPUs required for your project

To calculate the required number of CPUs:

  1. Collect a representative sample of 50-100 documents and create a test collection of about 1,000 files from these documents.
  2. Process the test collection on one Processing Station with one CPU core and measure the time, t, required to process this number of files.
  3. Calculate the average processing speed (in pages per minute), by dividing the number of processed pages by the time t: v=q/t;
  4. Calculate the number of pages that one CPU core will process during the system up-time T: P=v*T;
  5. Calculate the minimum number of CPU cores required for the project by dividing the total number of pages to be processed by number of pages that can be processed by one CPU core: n=Q/P.
  6. Increase the value you obtained in step 5 by 20% to account for any delays caused by shared use of system resources (i.e. cache, network, etc.): N=1.2*n.

Note. To make your estimation of your system’s performance more precise, we recommend that you do not take into account virtual or logical cores (hyper-threading).

26.03.2024 13:49:49

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