Cells Array Elements

Elements of the cells array are objects describing cells in a table. A cell can contain text, an image, or a barcode.

Property Data type Description
id string The identifier of the table cell.
position rect Coordinates of the rectangular region on the document where the table cell is located.
confidence confidence

The level of confidence for the text in the cell being recognized correctly. Calculated using confidence values for strings that make up the cell.

If a cell contains no text, this value will be -1.

colRowPosition object

The coordinates of the cell in the table expressed using cell border indices. Index numbering begins at zero, i.e. the indices of the outer left and outer top borders of the table are equal to zero.

Properties (integer data type):

  • l - index of the left border,
  • t - index of the top border,
  • r - index of the right border,
  • b - index of the bottom border.
borders object

Cell border type.

Properties (borderType data type):

  • l - left border type,
  • t - top border type,
  • r - right border type,
  • b - bottom border type.
contentType string enum

Cell content type.

Possible values:

  • text,
  • picture,
  • barcode.
picture picture Image located in the cell.
barcode barcode Barcode located in the cell.
lines lines Array of text strings located in the cell.

The borderType (string enum) data type describes the cell border type.

Possible values:

  • unknown,
  • invisible,
  • visible.

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