Pages Array Elements

Each element in the pages array describes a single document page and in turn contains arrays of its own representing texts, tables, images, barcodes, checkmarks, and separators detected on that page. The properties of each element are used to store coordinates for the corresponding region on the image. The confidence level of the element being recognized correctly is also stored in the properties of the text elements.

All text elements are placed into either the texts array or the tables array.

Property Data type Description
width integer The width of the page in pixels.
height integer The height of the page in pixels.
rotated string enum

Rotation of the page relative to the original image.

Possible values:

  • none,
  • clockwise,
  • counterclockwise,
  • upside-down.
texts object array Array of text blocks.
tables object array Array of blocks containing tables.
pictures picture object array Array of image blocks.
barcodes barcode object array Array or barcode blocks.
separators object array Array of separator blocks.
checkmarks object array Array of checkmark blocks.


All objects that describe recognized text or images have a property called confidence, which indicates the likelihood of the text being recognized correctly.

First, a level of confidence is calculated for individual characters. The level of confidence for elements of higher levels is calculated using confidence levels for elements that they contain.

A special type of data called confidence is defined for this property. This data type is a derivative of the number data type.

The allowed values are from 0 to 100. A value of -1 indicates an element that does not contain any text data.

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