JSON Output

In ABBYY Vantage, processing and OCR results are available in JSON format.

The following table describes various available output JSON file types. The Skill type column lists the skill types that can generate a particular type of JSON file.

File type Export option Description Skill type File name JSON schema
Fields (JSON) Values, metadata, and field structure for each document A file contaning classification results (if Classification Skill was applied), full data extraction results (if Document Skill was applied), rule errors, document and transaction registration parameters (if available), and other metadata.
  • Document
  • Classification
  • Process
<Applied_skill_name>.json * JSON schema
Values only A file containing field values and rule errors.
  • Document
  • Process
<Applied_skill_name>_fields.json * Depends on the Document Skill used. Currently not available for download.
Text (JSON) Text only

A file containing OCR data extracted in TextExtraction mode.

This mode is more efficient for structured documents such as invoices and receipts and is focused on extracting text blocks. In this mode, the only available additional export format is TXT.

OCR <First_source_file_name>_text.json ** OCR Skill schema
Process <Applied_skill_name>_text.json *
Preserve document structure

A file containing OCR data extracted in DocumentConversion mode.

This mode is more efficient for documents without a predefined structure, such as contracts and agreements. It has been designed for a more precise detection of document structure.

OCR <First_source_file_name>_text.json **
Process <Applied_skill_name>_text.json *

* <Applied_skill_name> will be one of the following:

  • The name of the skill if a transaction was created for a Document or Classification Skill.
  • If a transaction was created for a Process Skill:
    • the name of the last Document Skill applied to the document
    • the name of the last Classification Skill applied to the document if no Document Skills were applied
    • "Unknown" if no Document and Classification Skills were applied, while at least one of them exists in the Process Skill flow.

** <First_source_file_name> will be the name of the first file used to assemble the document, e.g. "IMG_12234".

Vantage will generate a separate JSON file or set thereof for each processed document.

The Document Skill always generates both Fields (JSON) files. Process Skill settings allow you to select one Fields (JSON) file and/or one Text (JSON) file. OCR Skill settings allow you to select one Text (JSON) file.

If a transaction fails, you can get information about the error in JSON format via REST API. The JSON string contains information about the transaction, the error message, as well as names and identifiers of all source files in the transaction. This string will also be exported to the Error.json file in the output shared folder if you configure the Output Activity of a Process Skill accordingly.

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