The Recorder Log Viewer allows you to view the logs recorded by the Recorder installed in Standalone mode. This guide shows how to use Recorder Log Viewer.

Recorder installed in Standalone mode is useful for trial purposes. Its limitations affect the recorded logs:

  • Forms are not available to view in the Recorder Log Viewer
    Forms cannot be seen in the log viewer
    In the Timeline 5.3, Task Mining obtained a fundamentally new approach to recording and analyzing user actions - Forms. A Form is a set of subsequent user actions in one application, window, or a web page. They are detected automatically by the Recording Service and Timeline if Recorder installed in the Server managed mode. In the Standalone mode forms are don't detected.
  • The feature Obfuscate user data does not apply to screenshots. This means records in text logs are encrypted, but data in screenshots aren't blurred.

22.09.2023 8:59:47

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