Working with the License Manager from the Command Line

The current version of the License Manager allows you to activate and deactivate licenses from the command line. The following command line parameters are supported:

Parameter Action
/SilentActivation Use this parameter to activate the license that corresponds to the serial number specified after /SN.
/SN:<serial number> Use this parameter to specify the serial number of the license to be activated or deactivated. Specify the serial number in one of the following formats: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
/SaveActivationEMailToFile:<file name> Use this parameter to save to file the text of the message generated by the program and containing the information required for activation of the number specified in the /SN parameter.
/LoadActivationFile:<file name> Loads the ABBYY License File and activates the serial number corresponding to this file.
/SilentDeactivation Use this parameter to deactivate the license that corresponds to the serial number specified after /SN.

When launched from the command line, the License Manager may return the following return codes:

Return code Description
-1 No command line parameters were specified.
0 No errors.
1 Invalid serial number.
2 The serial number has been already activated.
3 Unable to activate the serial number via the Internet. Try to activate it by e-mail.
4 The license with hardware protection cannot be activated by e-mail.
5 The specified file has not been found or is unavailable.
6 Incorrect license file.
7 Unable to load the application.
8 Unable to save to file the text of the activation request.
9 Unknown command line parameter.
11 Unable to find the USB key to activate the license with hardware protection.
12 Several USB keys have been found. Please, leave only one USB key plugged to the computer.
13 Unable to connect to Licensing Service.

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