Uninstalling the manual runtime installation

Manual runtime uninstallation is the same for standalone and network installations. For network installation, perform the required steps on every workstation, and those concerned with Licensing Service on the license server.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Unregister the dynamic libraries (FREngine.dll, VisualComponentsX.dll, DcAooConverter.dll) if they were registered during manual installation.
regsvr32.exe /u "<path to FREngine.dll>"
regsvr32.exe /u "<path to VisualComponentsX.dll>"
regasm /u "<path to DcAooConverter.dll>"

Uninstall the Licensing Service if it was installed (i.e., from the workstation for standalone installation, and from the license server for network installation):

LicensingService.exe /uninstall

Then remove the folder with the Licensing Service files.

  1. Remove all files of ABBYY FineReader Engine library. They may be located in Bin, Bin64 (only for 64-bit operating systems), and Data folders in your installation folder.
  2. Delete the folders used to store ABBYY FineReader Engine data (%ProgramData%\ABBYY\SDK\12\FineReader Engine and %ProgramData%\ABBYY\SDK\12\Licenses by default) or their analogs, if the paths to these folders were changed.

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