This document is designed to help you install ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 library in various situations and for different purposes.

The first part provides step-by-step descriptions of basic installation scenarios. The second part contains more detailed reference for license management.

Choosing your installation type

Why are you installing the library?

If you are going to develop a new application that uses the library, turn to the Developer installation section.

If you have developed an application that uses the library, you need a Runtime installation on the end user computer.

Runtime installation

Decide if you need a standalone or network installation:

  • The standalone installation is intended for when your application is running on just one local computer; the license information will be kept on the same computer.
  • The network installation allows you to store the licenses on a remote server and distribute them between the workstations as needed.

The type of the Runtime license required depends on this choice: a Standalone Runtime License for a standalone installation, and a Network Runtime License for a network installation.

You also need to determine if you are going to use the built-in ABBYY command-line installer (automatic installation) or copy the files manually/write your own script to do it (manual installation). Manual installation mode can be useful if your application requires a specific functionality subset, and you want to save disk space by omitting all unnecessary resource files.

For both Standalone and Network Runtime Licenses, three types of protection are available: online protection — connection with ABBYY Online licensing service over the Internet for license usage, software protection — a serial number requiring activation, hardware protection — a USB dongle with the license information. There are minor differences in the installation instructions, and each scenario is described for these protection types.

Choose your type of Runtime installation from the table below.

Installation Type Mode of Library Installation
Automatic Manual*
  1. Online protection
  2. Software protection
  3. Hardware protection
  1. Online protection
  2. Software protection
  1. Online protection
  2. Software protection
  3. Hardware protection
  1. Online protection
  2. Software protection

Note: The Hardware key drivers may be installed only during automatic library installation.

ABBYY FineReader Engine in a native environment

You may run ABBYY FineReader Engine inside:

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