Developer installation

In this scenario, you are about to develop a new application that uses ABBYY FineReader Engine library, and are installing the library on your developer's computer.

You will need:

  • your Customer Project ID
  • if you are using a Standalone License: the serial number of your Developer License
  • if you are using a Network License: your network license server connection details
  • if you are using an Online License: it is recommended to install the license token file with the library, although it is not required

Run the installDev32.exe (for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows) or installDev64.exe (for 64-bit version of Windows) file from the distribution package and follow the installation wizard's instructions:

  1. Read the Software Developer License Agreement and confirm your possession of a Developer License.
  2. Select the features you need to install. See the description of each feature under its name.
  3. Enter your Customer Project ID and select the folder where the library must be installed. If you are using an Online License, specify the full path and the password to the license token file.
  4. On the next screen:
    • If you are using a Standalone License: skip this step.
    • If you are using a Network License: select "Yes, I want to connect to Network License Server" and enter the name or address of the license server and the type of connection protocol. See License Server Administrator’s Guide for details about setting up the license server.
  5. Wait for installation to complete.
    • If you are using a Standalone License, activate your license. Click on the Activate License… button and follow the wizard instructions. If your computer has access to the Internet it only takes a few moments. For other activation options (e.g., if your computer is not connected to the Internet) see License activation.
    • If you are using a Network License, the installation is now complete. License information will be received from the network license server which you have specified earlier.
    • If you are using an Online License, you need to allow connections to * on port 443 (HTTPS) and check that the GoDaddy root certificate is installed in the local machine version of the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store on your computer (see the detailed information about the certificate on the GoDaddy website).

If you wish to additionally install a 32-bit or 64-bit version of ABBYY FineReader Engine library, run the installDev32.exe or installDev64.exe file after installing the first version. The installer will automatically choose the installation directory for the second version. Changing of a previously installed version is performed separately for both 32 and 64-bit versions.

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