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Supported Image Formats

ABBYY FineReader Engine 12 opens and saves image files in the following formats:

Format Extension Open Save


uncompressed black and white

4- and 8-bit — uncompressed Palette

16-bit — uncompressed, uncompressed Mask

24-bit — uncompressed

32-bit — uncompressed, uncompressed Mask

bmp + +


4- and 8-bit — RLE compressed Palette

bmp +


black and white

2-, 4- and 8-bit palette

24-bit color

dcx + +


black and white, gray, color

djvu, djv +


black and white — LZW-compressed

2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-bit palette — LZW-compressed

gif +


black and white

jb2 + +


gray, color

jpg, jpeg, jfif + +

JPEG 2000:

gray — Part 1

color — Part 1

jp2, jpc, j2k + +


black and white

2-, 4- and 8-bit palette

24-bit color

pcx + +
PDF (Version 2.0 or earlier)* pdf + +


black and white, gray, color

png + +


black and white — uncompressed, CCITT3, CCITT4, Packbits, ZIP, LZW

gray — uncompressed, Packbits, JPEG, ZIP, LZW

24-bit color — uncompressed, JPEG, ZIP, LZW

1-, 4-, 8-bit palette — uncompressed, Packbits, ZIP, LZW

(including multi-page TIFF)

tif, tiff + +


black and white — CCITT3FAX

tif, tiff +


black and white, gray, color

(WIC or Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 required)

wdp +


(WIC or Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 required)


* The following PDF formats are not supported:

  • PDF with XFA forms
  • PDF forms
  • Password-protected PDF if password for data extraction is unknown

Note: ABBYY FineReader Engine will not open images with height or width greater than 32512 pixels.

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