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LanguageDatabase Object (ILanguageDatabase Interface)

This object provides means for performing advanced operations with recognition languages. It allows you to work with the whole set of ABBYY FineReader Engine predefined languages, and also to import custom languages created with the use of ABBYY FineReader Engine Visual Components. This object allows you to create compound recognition language of several predefined languages and/or imported custom languages.

The Visual Components with their user interface provides relatively simple way to create custom recognition languages. See the procedure of creating and importing recognition languages in the description of the ILanguageDatabase::LoadFrom method.

You may combine the loaded custom languages with each other and with predefined languages and use them for text recognition. You may choose not to load any custom languages into the language database. In this case, only the predefined languages will be available.


Name Type Description
Application Engine, read-only Returns the Engine object.
DictionaryExtensionsPath BSTR

Specifies the full path to the folder with dictionary extension files (*.ame). These files contain words added to the dictionary by the user; they can only be created for languages that already have standard dictionary support. These files can be created in ABBYY FineReader, where they are called user dictionaries. ABBYY FineReader stores extensions of standard dictionaries in the %appdata%\ABBYY\FineReader\15\FineReaderShell\UserDictionaries folder.

Note: You can edit dictionary extension as a user dictionary via the Dictionary object, which can be received with the help of the OpenDictionaryExtension method.

By default, this property contains the path to the UserDictionaries folder, located in the FineReader Engine data folder.


Name Description
CreateCompoundTextLanguage Creates the TextLanguage object of one or more predefined and/or custom languages included in the language database.
CreateNewDictionary Creates a new empty user dictionary at the specified location and returns interface pointer of the Dictionary object associated with it.
CreateTextLanguage Creates the TextLanguage object.
LoadFrom Loads custom languages into the language database.
OpenDictionaryExtension Provides access to the dictionary extension of the standard dictionary for the specified language. The path to the dictionary extension is defined by the DictionaryExtensionsPath property.
OpenExistingDictionary Opens an existing user dictionary for editing.

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the CreateLanguageDatabase method of the Engine object.


C# code

The object is used in the following code samples: CustomLanguage, CommandLineInterface; and demo tools: BatchProcessingRecognition, MultiProcessingRecognition, PDFExportProfiles.

See also

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