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Workspace and Configuration


Bottleneck analysis has an intuitive workspace. It consists of a selected analysis option, a table where the process statistics is displayed, and total savings. At the top, there is the managing pane where you can name your bottleneck, create a new one, and save the analysis configuration. Click Open to see the list of existing bottleneck configurations.

Before you begin

When you work with the Bottleneck analysis, the process statistic is shown for the currently applied filters. You can find them at the top of the program in the Current section. It allows applying analysis configuration to the preselected timelines and sets. For details, see Effects of Current filters.

In addition, the Calendar settings affect the statistic calculated while working with Bottleneck analysis. For details, see Effects of Applying Calendar.


The program performs Bottleneck analysis based on one of analysis options. These options refer to time or cost conditions.

How to configure Bottleneck using time conditions.

How to configure Bottleneck using cost condition.

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